CPR for Seniors, What You Need to Know

CPR for Seniors, What You Need to Know

Performing CPR for seniors has always been a topic for debate in the healthcare community. While it remains as the standard first aid for cardiac arrest in both medical and non-medical home care it can be brutal for seniors who are far more vulnerable than their younger counterparts.

Unlike in the movies where CPR is quick, virtually painless, guaranteed to work, the real-life thing isn’t quite the same. When performing CPR, the chest has to be pushed down two inches deep at least 100 times per minute. To achieve that, we need significant force. Sometimes, electric shock is also used to get the heart to start beating.

Even if the CPR is successful, physical trauma often occurs because of seniors’ brittle bones. This includes broken bones and bruising in the lungs. If the senior, has a chronic illness, CPR can also lead to a poorer quality of life or worse, they may not be able to recover fully.

Of course, all of these doesn’t mean that you should never perform CPR on seniors. But by knowing these facts, seniors can decide whether or not they want CPR when the time comes.

If you have a loved one who has successfully recovered from a cardiac arrest, our home care in Twinsburg, Ohio can help improve their quality of life.

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