Why Is Senior Isolation Dangerous?

Why Is Senior Isolation Dangerous?

Isolation is the experience of being separated from others, either physically or emotionally. Right now, millions of seniors around the globe experience isolation due to retirement, health problems, lack of non-medical home care, and the death of family and friends.

Is Isolation Fatal?

While isolation doesn’t seem like a serious concern for seniors as opposed to chronic illnesses, isolation presents a unique danger on its own. If one is continuously isolated, they become more prone to loneliness. Thus, leading to worsening of pre-existing health conditions. This leads to a cascade of negative health effects that may eventually lead to premature death.

When an individual is cut off from human contact, not only does the brain suffer, but also the physical body. For an elderly who has experienced losses throughout their life, the effect of isolation is even more pronounced. They become more pessimistic about the future and disregard efforts to better their health. Their cognitive health also declines, making them more vulnerable to abuse.

However, we can prevent this by providing appropriate home care in Twinsburg, Ohio. Covenant Home Care LLC, for one, provides exceptional companionship services to seniors who feel isolated from the world. We help them feel secure and connected by providing them the emotional support that they need.

Besides that, we also provide respite care services in Ohio to help caregivers better fulfill their roles by getting them a much-needed rest. For more information about our services, call us!

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